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Dubai-Based Fashion Designer Introduces Solar-Powered Abayas

These Abayas Mean You'll Never Have to Carry a Charger Again

When a girl empties her her handbag you'll find many things, but that always includes her wallet, extra makeup and or course phone charger.

But the days of lugging electronic around in the teeniest of purses could be a thing of the past if you get on more with this fashion trend.

Dubai-based designer Manaal Al Hammadi is selling solar-powered abayas at Sunset Mall's The Fashion Vault. First launched at the World Energy Summit's Solar Expo in Abu Dhabi this January there are charging ports built into the front pocket so you don't even have to carry a cord to connect.

Just expose yourself to the sun and power up.

Manaal established her ready-to-wear abaya brand in 2007 and is considered a pioneer in her field for breaking the boundaries in abaya designs.

Her brand successfully mixes tradition with modern contemporary fashion and she insists on including technology in fabric construction.

Check out some of her unique designs below.

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