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How to Make Heels More Comfortable

Follow These 8 Hacks and Forever Change the Way You Walk in High Heels

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It's time to get real about heels. I'll just admit it: for the last few Summers, I've avoided all my strappy sandals and platform mules and opted only for sneakers. Sure, nothing beats a fresh white pair of sneaks in the warmer months, but it's time I switch it up and face my fear.

In the past, a night in heels always meant a trip to the drug store the next morning for a new pack of Band Aids for the blisters and black-and-blue marks on my knees. (Yes, I'm that 5'7" girl who has no idea how to walk in heels.) Ahead, find eight incredibly useful hacks to make high heels more comfortable and watch my aesthetic transform from high-top Michael Jordan to high-heel Carrie Bradshaw . . . because heels should be enjoyed and celebrated, not associated with dread.

  1. Ice Ice Baby: The key to stretching your heels to be slightly more comfortable is sitting right in your kitchen! By filling plastic bags with water, putting the bags inside your shoes, and placing the shoes in the freezer, the water will expand as it freezes and stretch out your heels. Just make sure there is no air left in the bags before you seal them tight. Seventeen suggests keeping the shoes in the freezer for 4 to 8 hours, and then "let them sit at room temperature until the ice thaws to a point where you can slip the bags out of your shoes."
  2. The Multifunctional Blow Dryer: On the other side of the thermostat, heat will also loosen your heels for comfortable wear. By blowing your hair dryer across the top of the shoe, you can make the shoe more flexible on a warm or hot setting. There are two options here: you can do this while the heels are on your feet or while they're off. If you're not wearing the heels, after blowing them with some warm air, twist the sole (or where they were hurting you) while they're malleable enough to loosen and break them in. If you want to do this with the shoes on your feet, grab your thickest pair of stocks and put them on before using the blow dryer. Concentrate the dryer on the parts of your shoe that were hurting you the most and move your feet around while the dryer is blowing. After about 30 seconds, walk around with the thick socks and heels on (stylish, we know) and break. those. shoes. in!
  3. Put a Sock in It: If you're not home and don't have your hair dryer nearby or would rather not go "Dracarys!" on your poor feet, simply wear thick socks with your heels and walk around. Try doing things like emptying the dishwasher or vacuuming with the heels and socks on, because nothing will stretch your heels like the aggravation of chores.
  4. Deodorant: According to Mashable, rubbing some deodorant on the back and sides of your feet can make new heels feel smooth as your armpits! The deodorant "eases the friction" between your skin and tough new material to prevent blisters. Speaking from experience, the most important thing here is to make sure the deodorant is dry before putting your shoes on.
  5. Tougher Than Leather: While we're all aware that a thicker heel and thicker sole make walking in heels a breeze, it's also important to look at the material of your shoe. I'm all about a good sale, but higher quality leather is able to stretch better than, shall we say, pleather.
  6. Walk the Walk: If you've ever watched models like Kendall Jenner or Kaia Gerber strut down the runway in stiletto heels as if they're walking on air, and thought to yourself, "HOWWWWWW," just know there's a method to their madness. First, you have to be incredibly aware of your posture and stand as straight as you can. You also need to engage your core and make sure your not leaning forward or backward. "It is important when walking in high heels to lead with the ball of the foot," an expert told Today. "Never lead with the heel as weight will often make the high heel collapse and result in an accident or injury."
  7. Moleskin Madness: Before a big event or the first time your wearing those adorable new heels, pick up a pack of moleskin from the drug store and either line the straps and back of your shoe with the padding or put it right on your feet. Sadly, we can pretty much tell immediately after sliding the shoes on where they're going to rub us the wrong way. Before said blisters develop, put some moleskin on those areas to prevent painful and bloody bruises while you're out.
  8. Tape Your Toes: This hack is rather random, but Insider recommends taping your toes together with bandage tape or soft medical tape to make it easier on your feet. "Do what ballerinas do," a fashion expert told the site. "Taping your third and fourth toes together takes the pressure off the balls of your feet."
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