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How to Stop Overpacking

I've Been a Habitual Overpacker For Years, but Then I Found My Lagom

How to Stop Overpacking
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nikita Ramsinghani

I'm not going to lie: I always pack more outfits than I need for a trip. Always. Being a habitual overpacker is one bad habit that has stuck with me for as long as I can remember. So, when the Swedish clothing brand Ellos invited me on a four-day press trip to Stockholm to celebrate the launch of National Lagom Day, I went about my normal ways after reading the invite and immediately started dreaming up 20 different outfits to pack. What can I say? A girl needs options.

Then it hit me — lagom. As Anne Stephenson, senior vice president of Ellos, said, "Life is about finding your happy medium. The message of 'lagom' is to discover peace in the simple things — a mantra that we have adopted at Ellos." I took a second to take it all in. Lagom is the Swedish word for "just the right amount." I decided that I shouldn't wait to get to Stockholm to find my happy medium when I could start right now.

Instead of trying to squeeze everything I owned into my bag, I made it my mission to be resourceful, without sacrificing style. I turned to pieces I love that could transition easily from activities and pull double duty on my trip. Here I was living the lagom life — and I hadn't even gotten to Sweden yet. Read on to see what I packed, and use these hacks to bring a little lagom to your life, too.

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