The 2018 Way of Styling Your Favorite High-Top Sneakers

25/05/2018 - 02:43 PM

Figuring out how to style a pair of high-top sneakers [1] isn't as simple as one would think. If you don't style them correctly, your entire outfit can go from effortless to clunky in one second flat. Since we know how tiring it can get constantly coming up with fun, new outfit ideas, we turned to the streets to see how our favorite style stars have been wearing these classic kicks [2].

Whether you own a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors [3] or a dope pair of Nike Air Force 1s, there are plenty of ways you can make your high-tops the center of attention. Keep reading to see 30 fresh outfit ideas that will allow you to rock your favorite pair of high-top sneakers all through 2018 [4].

Wear Them With a Fanny Pack

Style Them With a Light Pink Sweater and Silk Trousers

Go Casual in Shorts and a White Tee

Match Them With Your Graphic Tee

Style Them With a Printed Dress

Go For a Denim-on-Denim Look

Style Them With a Flirty, Sheer Skirt

Channel Your Inner Cher Horowitz

Wear Them With Overalls

Style Them With a Dress Worn Over Jeans

Style Them With a Billowy Blouse and Plaid Tousers

Channel a Character From The Matrix

Style Them With a Leopard-Print Jacket

Wear Them With a Patent Leather Skirt and a Puffer Coat

Style Them With a Superlong Scarf

Wear Them With a Checkered Coat

Style Them With Your LWD

Opt For a Western-Inspired Look

Style Them With a Blazer and a Designer Bag

Wear Them With a Sweatshirt Tied Around Your Waist

Style Them With a Basket Bag

Match Them to Your Bright Coat

Wear Them With Cuffed Mom Jeans

Style Them With Socks That Have Cute Sayings Written on Them

Wear a Pair With an Oversize Hoodie

Style Them With a Classic Striped Shirt

Wear Them With a Cozy Teddy Jacket

Style Them With Statement Sunglasses

Style a Black Pair With a Bright Red Jacket

Style a White Pair With a Lavender Outfit

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