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How to Wear Tie-Dye

4 Easy Ways to Wear the Tie-Dye Trend Without Looking Like a Blast From the Past

How to Wear Tie-Dye

If you're an adult figuring out how to wear tie-dye without looking like your adolescent self, I'm with you. And, because I love pushing myself outside my comfort zone when it come to fashion, I'm also here for you. When our team — and really, whole office — wondered how to wear the tie-dye trend IRL, you better believe I volunteered myself as tribute — Katniss Everdeen style.

While the trend seemed easy to wear on the runways of Calvin Klein Collection (miss you already), Proenza Schouler, and R13, I quickly realized that it's a totally different ballgame to wear the trend out on the streets. How could I actually pull off the cool trend without looking like I was counselor in charge of the friendship bracelet station at your local Summer camp?

Since the print is a bold one, it's easy to be afraid of falling off the wagon and ending up looking like a year-round Summer festival attendee, or like you found a time machine and transported to us straight from Woodstock. With a little inspiration from celebrities like Beyoncé and Justin Bieber (yep,the Beibs surprisingly has worn a ton of great outfits!), I found four easy ways to wear tie-dye. The trick is to make the tie-dye pieces the center of your outfit and keep the rest of the styling contemporary (think: high-waist trouser denim versus light-wash distressed jeans).

Read on to see how I styled the print and shop some of my favorite selects to get in on the trend ahead.

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