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Jourdan Dunn H&M Dress at Met Gala 2017

Jourdan Dunn Spilled on the Met Gala Look She Got From H&M

Jourdan Dunn H&M Dress at Met Gala 2017
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Jourdan Dunn's a supermodel and a red carpet regular, so it's not exactly a surprise that the seasoned pro could pull off anything in the spotlight — including an H&M gown at the Met Gala. While some celebs are all about the high-fashion labels, Jourdan paid homage to this year's Comme des Garcons theme with a custom H&M creation. The body-hugging look isn't just sexy, according to a press release from H&M, it also "[plays] with the theme of deconstructing and subverting traditional garments." You can see that clearly in the asymmetrical details, the ruching, and the manipulation of what might otherwise be a more classic top and skirt.

We caught up with Jourdan just ahead of the Gala, so read on as she breaks down what she was hoping to accomplish with the gown and who she can't wait to see on the red carpet.

POPSUGAR: How did you approach this year's theme and what did you want your look to say?
Jourdan Dunn: I wanted to have fun with the theme. I wanted to recreate an authentic Commes Des Gracon look. Celebrate her aesthetic.

PS: Whose look are you most excited to see at this year's Met Gala?
JD: Everyone! Rhianna is always so on point with her Met Looks, I know she is going to do something incredible.

PS: What's the difference in getting dressed for this event versus the other red carpet events on your calendar?
JD: There is no red carpet like this one. So much more goes into the process of creating the dress and putting together the entire look, from glam to hair to the dress. This is the biggest fashion event so there is a different prep process.

PS: What's it like seeing Anna at the gala? Is there a part of you that's thinking about how she might review your look/tribute to the theme?
JD: Of course, she is the Queen of fashion so I always want her to have a positive critique.

PS: Lastly, we love your H&M look. What items from the brand do you find yourself shopping most?
JD: I love when they do designer collaborations. They make high fashion affordable. But they are also my go-to brand for staple pieces.

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