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Kate Middleton Not Wearing Engagement Ring

Don't Get Distracted by Kate Middleton's Outfit — Zoom In on What She's NOT Wearing

Kate Middleton Not Wearing Engagement Ring
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When you've got a jewelry collection as historic and meaningful as the Duchess of Cambridge's, people are going to read into every accessory move you make. So when Kate Middleton made a rare appearance without her iconic sapphire engagement ring on her finger, the rumors swirled out of control; was she taking precautions because of her pregnancy? Could there be trouble in royal paradise with Prince William? But we're here to tell you not to read into anything, because there's a perfectly good reason Kate left her bling back home.

According to People, Kate didn't wear her stunning ring while on an official outing to the new children's medical center at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital due to hospital policy. "Since she would have to cleanse her hands thoroughly before touring the hospital's wards and treatment areas, it is recommended to remove jewelry before entering," reports the publication, explaining the medical center's minimal-jewelry rule.

So, there you have it! It's no royal secret or hidden drama . . . Kate's just following the rules in order to visit sick children. Plus, it's not like the duchess left us without fashionable pieces to covet — her entire outfit for the public appearance was worthy of some serious wardrobe envy!

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