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Kendall Jenner's NYFW Vogue Video

Here's What Kendall Was Actually Doing at That Vogue Shoot

Kendall Jenner has just confirmed our original assumption that she would be a blast to hang out with. Even during her most stressful time — aka Fashion Month — the It model manages to joke around and laugh with friends, as evident by a new video released by Vogue.

Capturing Kendall in her element during NYFW, the hilarious clip shows Kendall getting her makeup done (a "natural" blue eye, she teases), dressing up with Gigi Hadid, and eating McDonnalds — topless! — while wearing thigh-high boots. The outfits and an appearance by Kim also confirm that thiswas what the brunette beauty was really shooting for Vogue, rather than that rumored cover (although fingers crossed that one still happens).

Laugh until you cry watching Kendall above, then check out all the killer looks she's worn recently, on the runway and off.

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