We Finally Know Why Kim Kardashian Was in Met Gala Fittings Until Midnight

06/05/2018 - 11:15 AM

We can't imagine the design process is ever easy, especially when you create clothes as coveted as those from Balmain. But when your clients are headed to an event like the Met Gala [1]? There's infinitely more pressure, leaving designer Olivier Rousteing [2] adding final touches — and fitting Kim Kardashian's sparkly, silver dress [3] — until midnight the night before.

So when we met up with Olivier at Balmain's NYC flagship, we had to ask: was he feeling a tad panicked with all that last-minute prep? Quite the contrary, actually. Read on to find out why and how Kim and Kanye's Met Gala looks [4] came together so late, then check out all the style that happened at the fashion house's afterparty [5].

Kim Kardashian Was in Fittings Until Midnight Before the Met Gala — But It's Not For the Reason You Think

"It’s about the exchange of ideas," Olivier told us, referring to the fitting process. "Obviously, when you’re a designer, you want to make sure the dress is going to be perfect. After you put it on Kim and after you know the fit is great and the look is great, you know she’s going to be like, “Oh, why can’t we do that?” or “Why can't we change that?” And I’m the first one to say yeah, let’s do that! Because I want to make sure she’s happy. I am happy when she’s happy.”

Olivier Really Enjoyed Kim and Kanye's Input About What They Were Wearing to the Event

“I think it’s important that when you dress someone they own the clothes," he said. "That’s what I love and that’s why you feel like the Balmain Army is so strong. When they wear Balmain they feel powerful. I think that's what happened with Kanye as well. He wanted a denim jacket, we made it happen, and we brought the couture to denim. It’s an interesting process for me to actually learn more, and they learn more from me. It’s a real exchange of ideas and I love, love that. When a fitting is very short, it means that, ok, it's fine. When it’s long, it's because there are a lot of questions and you make the best outfits, really.”

And He Really Made Sure to Follow the Event's Theme When It Came to Their Outfits

"For me, I wanted to follow the theme of technology and machina [6]. I love Balmain because it’s really couture and luxury, so it was definitely mixing [Kim and Kanye's] coolness with my couture and being like you know what? Let’s do this mix. They love the fact that they're going to be timeless outfits. I do believe that in 10 years we will remember what they were wearing at the Met."

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