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Meghan Markle Blue Ring at Her Wedding 2018

Meghan Markle's "Something Blue" Gives Kate Middleton's Sapphire a Run For Its Money

Meghan Markle Blue Ring at Her Wedding 2018
Image Source: Getty

Meghan Markle drove off to her evening reception at Frogmore House with Prince Harry in a blue Jaguar. The newlyweds were glowing, but that was in part thanks to Meghan's flashy new bauble: a baby-blue square gemstone that glowed from her right ring finger. Was this her "something blue?" It certainly appears that way. Some might say it accessorized her bespoke Stella McCartney party dress, but we think the opposite — the gown helped accessorize the jewel. After all, this gleaming rock outshines Meghan's engagement ring and wedding band (although, let us just say, they really do make for the perfect everyday pairing). Ahead, zoom in on Meghan's dream of a ring and watch this space for updates about the history behind the stone.

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