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Michelle Williams Red Carpet Style

Michelle Williams Has the Secret For Making a Red Carpet Gown Look Unbelievably Edgy

Michelle Williams Red Carpet Style
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Michelle Williams has been tied to Louis Vuitton for about two full years, but that doesn't make her red carpet style any bit boring. Quite the opposite, actually. That's because Michelle's in an edgy minidress one moment, and a ladylike gown with flowing ruffles the next. She likes accessorizing with bold chokers and skinny scarves just as much as she appreciates a feminine bow embroidery. If you haven't caught our drift, we're basically never sure what Michelle is going to wear.

The actress scored a 2018 Golden Globes nomination for best actress in All the Money in the World, which means we can expect a handful of unpredictable, wow-inducing looks from her for the award season ahead. Read on to backtrack Michelle's appearances all the way to 2000 — you better believe you're about to unpack a mixed bag of absolutely stunning dresses.

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