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My Boyfriend Dressed Me For Fashion Week

Our Boyfriends Dressed Us Up For Fashion Week, and the Results Will Blow Your Mind

My Boyfriend Dressed Me For Fashion Week

There have been plenty of times where I dressed up in what I thought was a cute, fashion-forward outfit, only to have my boyfriend, Pat, say, "Is THAT what you're wearing?" Ironically, it's those exact outfits that have gotten me the most compliments. After talking with my coworkers and friends, it seemed like I wasn't the only who faced this conundrum.

With Fashion Week around the corner, I decided that instead of worrying about what I was going to wear, I would just make Pat choose my outfit. Plus, I have to admit, I was quite curious to see what he actually thought about Fashion Week and if he had learned my fashion likes and dislikes over the years. (I mean, it has been seven years — he must have picked up on some things, right?)

With this mission in mind, I enlisted the help of my fellow fashion editors to join in on the action and have their SOs dress them for one day too. From a shiny disco ball look to a Guy Fieri-inspired outfit, the outcomes were pretty amazing. Without further adieu, I give you all of the outfits our boyfriends dressed us in during Fashion Week.

Read on to look at the final outfits, along with our dudes' hilarious commentary that let us in on the inner workings of their minds. You can even shop some of the pieces we wore, that is, if you're feeling inspired.

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