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Queen Elizabeth's Coat Style

The Queen's Got a Coat Set in Every Single Color

Queen Elizabeth's Coat Style
Image Source: Getty

If you've ever dreamed of being queen, you've most likely envisioned yourself decked out in a poufy gown with a diamond tiara atop your head. But the woman who holds the coveted title, Queen Elizabeth II — now considered the longest-reigning British monarch — wears a slightly less Disney-inspired uniform. Her signature style? A colorful coat, made complete with a matching hat.

Perhaps she's on to something: the matchy-matchy look is one that many stars — even Kim Kardashian — have adopted to make everything seem more elevated. Whatever the reasoning behind her outfit choice, the queen's racked up quite the collection. Read on to see her rock a set in every colorway, as we try to picture what that closet must look like.

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