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Queen Elizabeth II's Earrings

All the Queen's Most Impressive Earrings

The Crown Rubies
Image Source: Getty / Pool

If there's one main thing we can learn from the queen's jewelry it's that there is usually a lot of replacing and remodeling going on . . . If a woman in the royal family is given an expensive suite of jewels for her wedding, it's often broken up and turned into something else sooner than you can say 'hand-written thank you note'. The queen's earrings are no exception, although she started wearing them relatively late. Her Majesty didn't get her ears pierced until she was 25, so as a princess she relied on a small selection of elegant clip-ons. However as she reached her quarter century, not only did she accede to the throne, but she also went under the piercing gun, and has certainly made up for lost time ever since . . .

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