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Reversible Coat For Women

This 2-in-1 Reversible Puffer Gives You Double the Outfits

Reversible Coat For Women

"Noooo way!" we both shrieked as we compared the outfits we were planning for New York Fashion Week. It happened: Nikita and I chose the exact same puffer for our wardrobes, and I wouldn't even say we have very similar taste. Nikita's more street style cool, whereas my look has always been sort of playful. If you named iconic accessories, like the Off-White Industrial belt, for example, it'd be easy to decide "that's so Nikita." Meanwhile, seashell jewelry is more up my alley.

But somehow this R13 down hoodie appealed to us both. Firstly, we're both attracted to bright colors, and when we read the product description and discovered the design is reversible, it was a done deal. The piece pretty much got us through the entire week. I wore it two times, styling it once on the blue side and once on the green, and Nikita will convince you of its versatility having rocked it with the chicest Tamara Mellon knee-high boots. When you're wearing this jacket, your look doesn't have to fall into the tough, sporty camp. You've got options. You can coordinate it with a midi dress and sock booties at night or denim during the day.

Nikita and I both got plenty of compliments on our electric outerwear, and we legitimately stopped cars in SoHo when we posed in it, fully distracting drivers and passersby from traffic lights and street signs. Scroll to read up on our styling tips for working a coat like this one, then shop our exact one or some similar reversible puffers we absolutely love.

— Additional reporting by Nikita Ramsinghani

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