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Style Lessons From a 92-Year-Old Woman

11 Style Lessons I Learned From My 92-Year-Old Neighbor

Style Lessons From a 92-Year-Old Woman
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Samantha Sutton

Every so often, my mom will call me over to the kitchen window in our second-story apartment. "Quick," she'll yell in a slightly hushed way, as if someone else might hear her. "You need to see what Mary's wearing!"

Mary is our neighbor who lives across the street, and while she may be 92, she's quite possibly one of the most stylish people I know. Whenever I see her, she's usually dressed in bright tailored slacks, a patterned blazer, standout accessories, and — my personal favorite — kitten heels. And that's just what she wears to garden.

So when the topic of interviewing an older, wiser woman for fashion advice came up in a meeting, I knew just who to call.

I entered Mary's apartment bright and early on a Sunday morning — the only free slot in her busy schedule — and immediately knew she had tons to share. Outfits for the week hung on a door, and every closet was packed to the max with clothes. With my phone set to record, we began. Read on for all the helpful style tips Mary had to share, as I hope to end up exactly like her.

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