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Types of Bras Every Woman Needs

The Only 8 Bras You'll Ever Need

Types of Bras Every Woman Needs

The bra market is a bit of a racket, we know. Retailers charge you upward of $60 for a bra that they instruct you not to wear every day and that you should pitch and buy anew every six months. And, aside from that, it seems that every time you go in to buy a bra, there's some new bell or fancier whistle that renders all your other undergarments obsolete.

Well, we're not suggesting you take up bra burning, but after some underwire reporting (get it?), we concluded that there are only eight bras you'll ever really need. And chances are, you don't have them all. Here, the intel on each one — what it's actually supposed to do, when you should wear it, and how often you should replace it.

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