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Victoria Beckham Wearing Colorful Shoes

Victoria Beckham's Shoe Styling Hack Is So Brilliant, You'll Wonder Why You've Never Tried It

Victoria Beckham Wearing Colorful Shoes
Image Source: Getty

Whether she's wearing jeans or dressed to the nines, Victoria Beckham's best outfits always come down to one simple thing: her shoes. Lately, the designer has been wearing a lot of colorful heels, and this genius styling hack has allowed her to take her otherwise simple outfits to a whole other level.

From burgundy boots to lavender heels and bright blue pumps, Victoria's tried them all — and it looked good every. single. time. Ahead, take a look at all the times the former Spice Girl wasn't afraid to let her shoes do all the talking. Fair warning, though: it might make you want to go on a little shopping spree.

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