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Baseball Hat Trend at New York Fashion Week

The '90s Baseball Hat Is the Trend You Didn't See Coming

Baseball Hat Trend at New York Fashion Week
Image Source: Style Du Monde

While most of us have been yearning for Summer, there is one warm-weather trend that you start wearing right away: a baseball hat. Over the past few seasons, we've seen luxury brands like Gucci giving the normcore look a high-end makeover with embellishments and logos, but there's a much more pared-down style that has been taking center stage this Fashion Week. We've been noticing baseball hats in solid, everyday colors like black, navy, and white. Also, ones that have little sayings written on them in small print on the front.

During the Fall 2020 season, we spotted an array of guests, including yours truly, rocking the trend around New York. Think back to days when Princess Di was seen wearing a sleek baseball hat paired with an oversize blazer back in the '90s. The normcore cap is not only a great way to cover up a bad hair day (because who doesn't have those?) but also an easy way to give your outfit a refined, yet low-key feel. If you're wondering exactly how to style one, we're breaking it down for you ahead with some pointers. Read on to get some outfit ideas.

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