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The Biggest 2020 Color Trends to Wear For Spring and Summer

For Spring 2020, Color Trends Are Bold, Bright, and a Total *Mood*

The Biggest 2020 Color Trends to Wear For Spring and Summer

Once designers debut their new collections throughout fashion month, we spend a lot of our time pouring over each show, dissecting the best looks, and breaking down the most wearable trends so your closet is primed and ready for the new season. We've already spelled out the biggest dress trends for Spring/Summer 2020 and now, we're here to talk about color.

The thing about color trends for 2020, they're kind of all over the map. But this isn't a bad thing! In fact, it's totally in line with the fact that we're in an anything-goes era, meaning, designers are privy to the fact that individuality is key, thus delivering on options to please a range of tastes, moods, and aesthetics. While Spring and Summer's colors are coming bold and bright, ranging from peppy pastels (dandelion, orange sherbert, and pistachio) to ultra-pigmented colors (poppy red, sky blue, emerald, and bubblegum pink), there's a way to give each one a try whether you're the type to rock variant shades head-to-toe, go for a vibrant color-block outfit, or wear mostly neutrals but like to incorporate color by way of a small accent or accessory.

With so many fun colors in store for 2020, you should no longer feel restricted by or beholden to the color of this season. Instead, embrace them all! Or, you know, just the ones that resonate with your personal style (though we totally support a little ebb-and-flow experimentation because, well, it's fun!). Without further ado, the seven biggest color trends for Spring/Summer 2020, ahead.

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