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Billie Eilish Wears a Gucci Pillow Around Her Ankle

Billie Eilish Is Wearing a Gucci Pillow on Her Ankle — Is This the Newest Thing in Footwear?

Billie Eilish Wears a Gucci Pillow Around Her Ankle

Billie Eilish made her way into Jimmy Kimmel Live wearing a Tupac t-shirt, graphic gray sweats, Nike Air high-tops, and — is that a Gucci pillow around her ankle? Billie is known to pile on extra accessories that make her look stand out — it's just an aspect of her style. You'll probably notice her chunky chain necklaces, hoops, and shield sunglasses right away, for example. Billie also happened to be holding onto a Gucci logo visor that matched with the pillow(?) (IDK, it's still unclear) strapped around her foot.

So like, is this the newest thing in footwear? Is Billie actually wearing a pillow, or is this some sort of ankle weight? It certainly seemed like Billie was trying to show it off as she pulled up her joggers to reveal high socks and the accessory du jour. Please, oh please, let me know if you want to join in on my research. I scanned the decor section of Gucci's website, but I'm still coming up empty. The little cushion could honestly be so many things. I might as well just list the options that are going through my head now, right?

    1. Maybe it's a pillow for a really miniature dog.
    2. Or a toy shaped like a bone for a really oversize dog.
    3. Is it some sort of absurdly fancy neck support or brace?
    4. Does Billie use it for resting her head during commercial breaks?
    5. Is it a gift for Jimmy Kimmel?
    6. Is it a pouch that opens up and contains her superinventive, top secret lyric inspo inside?

Alas, maybe Billie is just being Billie, trying to woo us with her signature fashion moves just like she always does. That said, if this is a trend we should know about, I do hope she sends us the memo sooner rather than later. I have to start planning my outfit.

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