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Watch Gigi Hadid Tip-Toe Down the Runway Barefoot at NYFW

Gigi Hadid, Certified Optical Illusionist, Walked the Runway Sans Heels on Her Tippy Toes

Watch Gigi Hadid Tip-Toe Down the Runway Barefoot at NYFW
Image Source: Getty / Randy Brooke

Gigi Hadid seemingly debuted a new trend on the Marc Jacobs Spring 2020 runway: completely invisible heels — and no, I'm not talking about lucite pumps. The model graced the New York Fashion Week catwalk totally barefoot, strutting on her tippy toes to make it appear as though she was wearing heels. It looks like those ballet classes she took a few years back finally came in handy!

While modeling a shimmery minidress and matching flower-embellished hat designed by Marc Jacobs, Gigi seamlessly glided down the runway with remarkable ease, making for quite the optical illusion. So why exactly did she waltz sans footwear while every other model in the show was donning shoes, you ask? It's all chalked up to a backstage wardrobe malfunction. As stylist Katie Grand, who was in attendance at the show, explained on Instagram, Gigi was initially wearing thigh-high silver socks and white leather mules, but one heel broke, so they chose to nix the shoes altogether, rather than have her attempt to hobble down the catwalk. Either way, we truly don't even need a concrete explanation to admire her poise and confidenceand the sheer strength of her calves and quads. Share the workout routine, sis!

This isn't the first time Gigi has dealt with a backstage wardrobe mishap. Back in 2017, the supermodel lost one heel while walking for Anna Sui during NYFW, and her sister Bella wound up helping her down the runway for the show's finale. Oh, the joys of sisterhood! Ahead, see footage of Gigi channeling a real-life Cinderella on the NYFW runway, and you'll definitely feel inspired to squeeze in some extra calf raises and squats this week. We stan a barefoot queen!

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