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How to Wear Baggy Jeans

Baggy Jeans Are Back and The Perfect Comfy Style for Chill Outfits

How to Wear Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are kind of like the junk food of jeans. Their comfort is akin to the deliciousness of a tasty treat. Still, the slouchy shape is closer to the remorse you feel after one too many Skittles (or Doritos, or peanut butter cups, or whatever your snack of choice is) in that it's not always the most flattering. Does that matter? Heck no. But they can be met with mixed feelings because of this. If you're unbothered by bold silhouettes and/or strictly clothe your body in ubercomfy clothing, baggy jeans are undoubtedly a look to try.

With so much nostalgic '90s fashion continuing to trend in 2020 from the triumphant return of the tube top to cardigans (specifically cropped styles worn as tops) and chunky footwear from sandals to platforms, it's no surprise that baggy jeans are in the mix as a right-now staple. Whether it's a slouchy and low-slung straight leg (also referred to as "dad" jeans), loose and tapered silhouette (this look is more of the "mom" jean vibe, often with high rises and nipped waists), or a wide leg with raw hems or distressed details á la surfers and skaters, there's a baggy jean to suit a range of aesthetics. Sporty, bohemian, minimalist, or a mix depending on your mood!

Baggy jeans have a "cool factor" to them that makes even the simplest of wardrobe basics from t-shirts to hoodies and blazers feel fresh, but chill. An ideal look when you're doing low-key stuff like hanging at home, taking a stroll, or going to the grocery store. Hot tip: if a jean isn't designed to look superbaggy, simply size up for a slouchy look.

Ahead, scroll on to discover +20 baggy jeans outfit ideas.

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