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How to Wear Leather Pants Like an Absolute Pro

15 Ways to Wear Leather Pants Like a Total Fashion Pro This Season

How to Wear Leather Pants Like an Absolute Pro

When I think about figuring out how to wear leather pants, my mind immediately goes to a particular Friends episode. You know, the one where Ross is stuck in the bathroom during a date trying to wiggle his way back into a pair of leather pants and he ends up covering himself in baby powder? The whole idea of wearing leather pants just seemed like a hassle to me until I spotted new silhouettes this season during New York Fashion Week.

Lately, skintight pants have taken a back seat to a boxier silhouette. Brands like Nanushka and Zimmermann found fresh ways of making leather dressing seem more modern and less like you're about to go to a rock concert in the '80s. Think paperbag pants and baggy trousers that all come in buttery soft leather materials, which are sometimes even vegan! There are also plenty of faux styles that are super affordable if you're not looking to pay a hefty sum. If you've been wondering how to pull off the look, we've got you covered. Scroll through our collection of street style images that will inspire you for days.

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