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Maria Al-Sadek Best Modest Fashion Looks

When It Comes to Modest Fashion Icons, Maria Al-Sadek Is One Name That Tops Our List

Maria Al-Sadek Best Modest Fashion Looks

Proving that no dream is too big, Maria Al-Sadek has gone from Alabama colleague student to modest fashion sensation, model, writer, influencer, and stylist – in just four years.

The now 28-year-old New York-based force has long been an inspiration to us. Her fierce fashion looks, her love for her mixed-heritage (her mother is Puerto Rican, and her father is Palestinian), and her all-around cool girl image – makes it hard for us, and her massive social following, not to love her.

If you're new to the party that is Maria Alia Al-Sadek, here are some of our favorite fashion looks that the style queen has served over the years. You can thank us for introducing you to your new best friend – later.

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