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11 Best Yoga Poses For Computer Users

11 Yoga Poses That Promise Soothing Relief If You're Hunched Over a Computer All Day

11 Best Yoga Poses For Computer Users
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Working, studying, watching a show on your laptop: a lot of us spend long hours hunched over a computer screen. Sometimes it's not until you stand up and stretch (and feel every muscle ache) that you realize how much it's affecting your body. Going for a walk, standing up every hour, and taking quick stretching breaks can all help. Another remedy: yoga. Moving through a flow in the morning can loosen up your body and mind for the day; a relaxing bedtime sequence puts your muscles and thoughts at ease. Even just hitting a couple of key poses every day can ease your soreness.

Any kind of stretching will help, but for the absolute best poses to relieve tension after a day on the computer, we turned to the experts. These yoga instructors pitched in to recommend their favorite moves for the days when sitting, peering into a computer screen, and hunching over a desk have all taken their toll. If you don't have time for a full flow, try to incorporate at least a couple of these quick postures into your day. A few can even be done right at your desk! Sink in, stretch out, and feel the stress slip away.

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