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12-Year-Old Girl Runs Half-Marathon by Accident

This 12-Year-Old Accidentally Runs Half-Marathon, and We Reevaluate Our Lives

We accidentally ate an entire pizza, and this 12-year-old girl accidentally ran a half-marathon. What? Yeah. LeeAdianez Rodriguez-Espada signed up for a 5K, which is already a badass move for a tween, and just kept going with it and tacked on another 10 miles. Because that happens sometimes!

LeeAdianez didn't realize she was in the wrong race until she was about four miles in, at which point she hit the "it's too late, I'm committed" stage (awesome). She completed the Rochester Half-Marathon in two hours and 43 minutes, which can be perceived as a killer half-marathon time (especially for an unplanned race!!) or the longest 5K in recent history.

Speaking of which, when Lee's mother realized that this 5K was taking a little longer than usual, she began to panic. Because nothing in motherhood prepares you to expect your child to accidentally run a half-marathon. Fortunately, the two were reunited at the half-marathon finish line, medal in hand.

And how does an accidental half-marathoner recover? With a nap, a large meal (sounds nice), and . . . a hike. This girl won't stop!

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