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25-Minute Walking Treadmill Workout

Don't Be Fooled by This Walking Workout — Your Legs Are Going to Be Sore Tomorrow

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I love an intense workout but I also know the importance of counterbalancing high-intensity workouts with recovery work. Some days I like to do pool workouts and other days it's a quick yoga flow. I recently ran the NYC Half Marathon and let me tell you, running 13.1 miles takes a lot out of you.

I've been feeling super sore, and also dealing with some quad and knee pain, so I decided against resuming strength training. Instead, I've been taking it easy and doing low-impact workouts like this 25-minute treadmill workout.

The 25-Minute Walking Treadmill Workout

The workout is self explanatory but I do recommend foam rolling and doing a few glute and core activation exercises before getting started. Feel free to adjust the incline and speed if necessary. Finally, be sure to walk with proper form. Engage your core, swing your arms, keep your shoulders back, and your chest open.

0:00-3:00 2.5-3.5 0 Warmup
3:00-3:30 4.0 5
3:30-4:15 3.0 0 Active recovery
4:15-5:00 4.0 7
5:00-5:45 3.0 0 Active recovery
5:45-6:45 4.0 9
6:45-7:30 3.0 0 Active recovery
7:30-8:30 4.0 9
8:30-9:15 3.0 0 Active recovery
9:15-10:00 4.0 7
10:00-10:45 3.0 0 Active recovery
10:45-11:15 4.0 5
11:15-12:00 3.0 0 Active recovery
12:00-12:30 4.0 5
12:30-13:15 3.0 0 Active recovery
13:15-14:00 4.0 7
14:00-14:45 3.0 0 Active recovery
14:45-15:45 4.0 9
15:45-16:30 3.0 0 Active recovery
16:30-17:30 4.0 9
17:30-18:15 3.0 0 Active recovery
18:15-19:00 4.0 7
19:00-19:45 3.0 0 Active recovery
19:45-20:15 4.0 5
20:15-25:00 2.5-3.5 0 Cooldown

Don't forget to stretch and foam roll once you're finished. Click here for a printable version of this workout.

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