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30-Minute CrossFit EMOM Workout

This 30-Minute CrossFit Workout Targets Every Inch and Leaves You Drenched

30-Minute CrossFit EMOM Workout

Feel your heart rate soaring while strengthening your upper body, core, and lower body in just 30 minutes. Your muscles will feel worked, and you'll feel so energized by the end.

Jade Jenny, head CrossFit coach and owner of Champlain Valley CrossFit, said to use the same size dumbbell for both the shoulder presses and the squats, and to challenge yourself with a heavier weight; this shouldn't feel easy where you whip through the reps in 15 seconds. It's OK if you can't do all the reps unbroken if that means going with heavier-sized dumbbells. If you want to get stronger, you'll need to push beyond your comfort zone!

I've been practicing my handstand holds so I love workouts that incorporate exercises that help me get better at them. I also love workouts that I can do on my own in case I can't make it to the gym. This one moves quickly and the exercises are so varied that it's fun and doesn't feel too strenuous on one part of my body.

30-Minute CrossFit EMOM Workout

Equipment needed: Pair of medium-weight dumbbells (six to 20 pounds).

Directions: After a five-minute dynamic warmup, complete six rounds of this five-minute workout. The rest you get is whatever time you have at the end of each minute. If you need more details on each exercise, see the instructions ahead.

After the workout, be sure to do a cooldown such as these leg stretches, or grab a foam roller for your legs and butt.

Minute Exercise
1 40 seconds jump rope
2 12 dumbbell shoulder presses
3 8 burpees
4 12 dumbbell squats
5 30-second handstand or plank hold
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