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32 No-Equipment Ab Exercises You Can Do on a Mat

Heat Up Your Core With 32 Small-Space, On-the-Floor Ab Moves You Can Do Right on Your Mat

32 No-Equipment Ab Exercises You Can Do on a Mat

If you have enough space for a mat, you have enough space for a great ab workout. That's my motto, at least. I live in a small apartment, but there's one scrap of floor in front of the TV that's just the right size for my yoga mat, and lately that area has seen a lot of low-impact workouts while I'm working to recover from injury. I'm especially focusing on small-space, no-noise, on-the-mat moves that challenge my abs, instead of jumping or standing movements that could exacerbate my foot injury or make a racket that could bother my roommate.

Luckily, when it comes to ab exercises, you don't need to stand up to feel a serious burn. Want proof? Ahead, check out 32 of the best on-the-mat ab moves I'll be doing even after I'm back on my feet — that's how good they are! Head to your at-home workout nook, roll out that mat (or make sure the floor is comfy!), and grab a few of these effective exercises to get your core burning.

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