Heat Up Your Core With 32 Small-Space, On-the-Floor Ab Moves You Can Do Right on Your Mat

31/03/2020 - 04:02 PM

If you have enough space for a mat, you have enough space for a great ab workout. That's my motto, at least. I live in a small apartment, but there's one scrap of floor in front of the TV that's just the right size for my yoga mat, and lately that area has seen a lot of low-impact workouts while I'm working to recover from injury [1]. I'm especially focusing on small-space [2], no-noise, on-the-mat moves that challenge my abs, instead of jumping or standing movements that could exacerbate my foot injury or make a racket that could bother my roommate.

Luckily, when it comes to ab exercises, you don't need to stand up to feel a serious burn. Want proof? Ahead, check out 32 of the best on-the-mat ab moves I'll be doing even after I'm back on my feet — that's how good they are! Head to your at-home workout nook [3], roll out that mat (or make sure the floor is comfy!), and grab a few of these effective exercises to get your core burning.

Elbow Plank

Elbow Plank With Alternating Knee Tap

Down Dog Abs

Pilates 100s

Bicycle Crunches

Half Banana

Butterfly Crunch

Seated Russian Twist

Knee Driver

Hollow Body Hold

Dead Bug

Extended Dead Bug

Twisting Side Plank

Mountain Climber

Side-Plank Crunch

Seated Knee Tuck

Plank With Lateral Arm Reach

Plank With Alternating Arm and Leg Raise


Diamond Sit-Up

Reverse Crunch

T-Cross Sit-Up

Straight-Leg Sit-Up

Runner's Crunch

V Crunch

Double Crunch

Scissor Abs

Oblique V-Crunch

Tabletop to Reverse Pike

Modified Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wiper Abs

Boat Pose

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