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Ab Moves With Exercise Ball

Exercise Balls Are Grade-A Tools For Working Your Abs! Here's Proof

Ab Moves With Exercise Ball
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A strong core is basically the foundation that holds your body together. I mean, your abdominal muscles help with your posture, keep you walking and running, are activated when you breathe — it's incredible how much they do for you in your everyday life. Increasing your core strength can also alleviate lower back pain. Aesthetic-wise, six-packs look pretty damn cool, too. And when it comes to working your core, you can use all types of equipment whether that be medicine balls, dumbbells, a kettlebell, or a good ol' exercise ball filled with air.

Exercise balls (Swiss balls, stability balls . . . whatever you call them) are great for targeting your abs because they bring that extra intensity by challenging your balance. Ahead, check out 10 of our favorite exercises you can do with them. Plus, some of these have the added bonus of also working your arms and legs. Note: the moves themselves are not a workout. You can include a few in your next sweat session to target that core (we recommend sets of eight to 12 reps). If you are looking for an ab workout using an exercise ball, check out this five-move circuit.

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