27 Ab Workouts to Rock Your Amazing Core — Especially For Women

17/02/2018 - 11:45 AM

Hate crunches but want abs? No problem. Love crunches? We do happen to have them here. In fact, there is truly something for everyone in our handy dandy collection of ab workouts, specifically for women. From two-minute Pilates routines to 20-minute oblique sculptors, we're here to help you target all parts of your core to build a strong, powerful, beautiful midsection (with improved posture!). Find what works for you, your skill level, your allotted time, and the equipment you have on hand (bonus: most of these require ZERO equipment!)

5-Minute Ab-and-Oblique Sculptor

Whittle your middle! This 5-Minute Ab-and-Oblique Sculptor [1] from Barry's Bootcamp targets your waistline.

7-Minute Ab Workout With Cassey Ho

Get a quick Pilates-inspired sweat-sesh into your day with our 7-Minute Ab Workout With Cassey Ho [2].

5-Minute Barry's Bootcamp Ab Workout

This 5-Minute Barry's Bootcamp Ab Workout [3] will have you well on your way to washboard abs, and you can do these moves anywhere, anytime!

10-Minute At-Home Ab Workout

Do our 10-Minute At-Home Ab Workout [4] video to tighten, tone, and feel strong — from your living room!

5-Minute Flat-Ab Yoga

Need something low-impact? Try the 5-Minute Flat-Ab Yoga [5] for an express ticket to a six pack.

5-Minute Lower-Ab Workout

Target the lower belly with this 5-Minute Lower-Ab Workout [6].

20-Minute Oblique Workout

Got a little extra time? Target the waist with a 20-Minute Oblique Workout [7].

5-Minute Standing Ab Workout

No need to get down and dirty on the floor — this5-Minute Standing Ab Workout [8] will work your abs just fine while you're standing up!

10-Minute Barre Workout For Abs

Take a bit of barre home with you — no actual bar required — with our 10-Minute Barre Workout For Abs [9] to tighten and tone.

10-Minute Bodyweight Ab Workout

No equipment required! Seriously, ditch the dumbbells, bands, and BOSU balls for the 10-Minute Bodyweight Ab Workout [10] that'll have you feeling the burn fast.

20-Minute Ab and Butt Workout

Here's a two-for-one: this 20-Minute Ab and Butt Workout [11] puts that booty to work while you give your abs a good workout, all at once.

Bodyweight Core Workout

Try our Bodyweight Core Workout [12] for the best low-impact, ab-burning moves that will ABsolutely rock your core!

2-Minute Pilates Ab Workout

The series of five is an absolute must know and a staple to have in your ab workout arsenal. Plus, it's a 2-Minute Pilates Ab Workout [13] that takes basically no time to do.

20-Minute Flat-Belly Workout

Turn up the volume with some weights using this 20-Minute Flat-Belly Workout [14] that'll leave you feeling sweaty — and stronger than ever!

5-Move Bodyweight Ab Workout

No time? No equipment? We bet you could squeeze in this 5-Move Bodyweight Ab Workout [15].

5-Minute Standing Ab Workout With Weights

Keep it light and tight with our 5-Minute Standing Ab Workout With Weights [16] — you only need one dumbbell!

9-Move Ab Workout

Nine moves, six pack, no problem. This 9-Move Ab Workout [17] requires a little bit of equipment, so grab some weights, resistance bands, and an exercise ball — we're about to put you to work!

At-Home Megaformer Pilates Ab Workout

Missing the megaformer? You can get a similar At-Home Megaformer Pilates Ab Workout [18].

5-Minute Bodyweight Ab Workout

Some twists, planks, and twisted planks will have you working your way to a superstrong midsection in the 5-Minute Bodyweight Ab Workout [19].

Crunch-Free 5-Minute Ab Workout

Hate crunches? Not to worry. Try this Crunch-Free 5-Minute Ab Workout [20] and you'll still get a killer muscle burn.

At-Home 6-Move Ab Workout

You definitely don't need a gym for this At-Home 6-Move Ab Workout [21].

10-Minute Weighted Ab Workout

Squeeze our 10-Minute Weighted Ab Workout [22] into your day to feel energized and empowered — and maybe a little sore (sorry).

3-Minute Plank Workout

Take your plank game to the next level and give yourself a bit of a challenge with this 3-Minute Plank Workout [23].

On-the-Floor Ab Workout

Don't even get up: this On-the-Floor Ab Workout [24] let's you feel "lazy" while putting in some serious work to those abdominal muscles.

No-Equipment Flat-Belly Workout

Feeling intermediate to advanced? Give this No-Equipment Flat-Belly Workout [25] a shot — it's a doozy.

Yoga Core Workout

Give your body some love and your midsection some extra work with this Yoga Core Workout [26].

5-Minute Morning Ab Workout

Wake up your abs! This 5-Minute Morning Ab Workout [27] is the best way to start the day, and we know you can get up five minutes earlier for this (or just skip scrolling through Instagram in bed for a day!).

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