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Alexa and Chris Knierim's Moulin Rouge Routine 2018 Olympics

You Can Feel the Sparks Between Alexa and Chris Knierim in This Sexy Moulin Rouge Routine

Alexa and Chris Knierim's Moulin Rouge Routine 2018 Olympics

Even if you didn't know that Alexa and Chris Knierim are married, you'd be able to tell the pair has amazing chemistry based on their latest Olympics performance. The figure-skating duo took to the ice on Friday for a nearly flawless routine set to "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge, and it's so sexy that it deserves a play-by-play. Despite being diagnosed with a gastrointestinal condition and undergoing several stomach surgeries through the 2017 season, Alexa is back on the ice and is a total powerhouse.

She and husband Chris landed the side-by-side jumps, difficult triple throw flips, and remained perfectly synchronized during this routine, all while looking incredibly adorable and in love. Alexa had one tiny trip, but she didn't go down, and she got right back up with a smile. The pair finished with a score of 69.75. "We haven't seen them skate that well in quite some time," one of the announcers said. Take a look at each incredible moment with the detailed photos ahead, then watch the full video of the Moulin Rouge performance on NBC or watch it again on Feb. 13, when the pair performs it again for the pairs competition!

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