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Alicia Vikander Tomb Raider Workout

Alicia Vikander's Trainer Showed Us the Exact Workout She Did to Get in Shape For Tomb Raider

The latest Tomb Raider movie is finally released March 15, with Alicia Vikander taking the reins for this reboot about a girl who refuses to take over her dad's global empire and instead forges a career as a big courier to make money.

She soon gets the urge to investigate her father's mysterious passing and that's when the action really begins.

Of course, the star had to get in great shape to film her tough scenes and her trainer Magnus Lygdback is sharing with POPSUGAR Middle East just how she prepared to look good for the movie.

Check out how you can too with this 4-week guide to getting a body even Lara Croft herself would envy, starting with the video above.

Week 2

Week 3

Tomb Raider workout

Got what it takes to train like Tomb Raider star Alicia Vikander? Try this workout and see others on Instagram! >>

Posted by POPSUGAR Middle East on Thursday, March 8, 2018

Week 4

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