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Anna Victoria's Favorite Butt Exercises

Celebrity Trainer Anna Victoria Just Shared Her Favorite Exercises For a Rounder, Bigger Booty

Anna Victoria's Favorite Butt Exercises
Image Source: Getty / Monica Schipper

Fitness sensation Anna Victoria is known for her HIIT workouts that will have you feeling extremely accomplished and seeing major results in no time. After leading a 45-minute, booty-focused workout to kick off her Anna Victoria x K-DEER collection, Anna chatted with POPSUGAR about all things booty. She told POPSUGAR, "Booty is my favorite because I was not blessed with one naturally. If I wasn't born with it, I'm going to build it." If you're like Anna and feel like you didn't get blessed in the booty department, don't worry — you can always build a sexy booty. Here are Anna's go-to moves to build a strong, round booty.

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