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Aventura Adventure Nature Park Opens in Dubai

An Extreme Adventure Park Opened in Dubai And We Tried it Out

When I heard the new Aventura Adventure Park in Dubai had zip-lining, I knew had to try it. To my surprise, the adventure park offers more than I anticipated. The park is located inside the natural Ghaf tree forest that spans across 350,000 square feet in Mushrif Park, Mirdif. There are 5 park circuits that range in height and difficulty, and cater to all skill levels and age groups. You'll find activities such as rope-climbing, Tarzan swings, zip-lining, tightrope walking and tree-surfing. The obstacles are all above ground, starting from 1.5 meters and reaching up to 9 meters.

I met Hadi Fakhoury who, with business partner Lina Dajani Malas, brought the Aventura Adventure Park concept to Dubai from Spain. He explained: "We wanted to bring an amazing experience that people take for granted in other places; an active, challenging and fun experience for children and adults alike, surrounded by tress and in the midst of nature."

When you arrive, you're given a harness to wear, and a 20-minute lesson on how to work the safety equipment. At first I found the equipment confusing. The carabiner hooks work on a magnetic clip-on and clip-off system to ensure you're always clipped onto a safety rail. Even if you do fall, you're always attached. Once the initial confusion wore off, I got the hang of it and was able to navigate the course smoothly.

Once the lesson was over, we set off to start with the highest-level course called Extreme. In retrospect, I wouldn't have started with the most challenging course, as underestimated Extreme's 8-meter height and course difficulty.

The first thing I noticed when climbing the rock wall at the start of the course is that it feels much higher than it looks from the ground. I was nervous when I reached the top, but powered through. Thankfully I was with a friend and we encouraged each other the whole way. The staff are also helpful guiding you and encouraging you from the ground.

After completing the first two courses, I was confident and started to get used to the height and enjoyed the new challenges I faced. It's both physically and mentally challenging, especially if you're not comfortable with heights.

The Tarzan swing was the scariest for me. I was hesitant and needed a lot of encouragement to jump from the platform. Once I was flying through the air, I loved it – swinging through the trees, I felt like Tarzan's Jane.

As for zip-lining, 'Thriller' was my favorite. It's the longest at 160 meters long and 9 meters high with great views of the park.

What I loved about the Park is that you're independently moving through the courses. You have all the equipment you need, and the only rule is that you shout "LIBRÉ!!" once you're finished and unhooked from an obstacle so the next person can start. I felt safe using the equipment and the staff are always nearby to help you. There are instructions posted at each obstacle in case you can't figure it out. The park is suitable for all skill levels and you bond with the people you're with. I'd recommend Aventura for team building and also for those seeking adventure and a workout combined.


Sunday to Thursday: 9:30am till 5.00pm

Friday and Saturday: 9.30am till 6.00pm


General Access: AED 150

Children under 1.4m: AED 125

Groups of 8 and above: Receive 10% discount

School groups will receive special rates

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