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Is It Bad to Wear Makeup During a Workout?

If You Always Keep Your Makeup on While You Exercise, Read This

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Most of us have probably exercised with makeup on at one point, whether it was because you forgot to remove it before your workout or by choice. But how bad is that for your skin? Well, although sweating doesn't actually detoxify your body as many believe, it does help cleanse your pores and promote healthy skin rejuvenation.

Ever noticed an improvement in your complexion on days you go bare? That's because you're allowing your skin to breathe. Wearing heavy foundation regularly on days that don't involve exercise may cause breakouts and blemishes already, so leaving it on when you are sweating intensely can especially clog your pores if you're prone to breakouts. Wearing athleisure makeup — which are noncomedogenic (formulated to not clog pores) — doesn't necessarily mean you're entirely safe from pimples, either. Sweat-proof coverage can still produce buildup in your pores and cause acne.

If wearing makeup to the gym makes you feel more confident, you do you! But it's important to start with a fresh slate even before applying. Wash your face before getting glammed up to prevent sweat, oil, and dirt from becoming trapped, and immediately after your workout. And if you choose to go bare-faced instead, a pre-workout cleanse can still benefit your skin by preventing inflammation. Makeup remover wipes are a gym bag essential anyway, so make sure to always keep some in your arsenal.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Rima Brindamour
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