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Best Core Workout For Women

This No-Equipment Workout Will Ignite Parts of Your Body You Didn't Know Existed

Best Core Workout For Women
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There's so much to love about a strong midsection — most importantly, it's essential for a healthy body. Fact: strengthening the core helps improve posture, prevent everyday injury, and combats chronic back pain, which is all too common if you sit at a desk all day. This is exactly why no workout with Austin Lopez, BS, CSCS, and trainer at DIAKADI is complete without a dedicated section of core work. During a recent session with Austin, he tortured treated me to the following bodyweight circuit, which he tacked on after an already intense section of leg and shoulder work. It was tough, I sweated like a crazy person, but damn if I didn't feel every muscle in my core working.

Austin recommends adding this circuit toward the end of any — and all — of your workouts since the body will be warmed up and ready for the challenge. Keep in mind that this isn't a beginner workout, "If you feel your back or hip flexors too much while doing these exercises, it's an indication that your abs aren't strong enough to perform them," he said. In that scenario, you can always reduce the amount reps, modify the moves, or opt for a more beginner friendly workout.

The workout: Run through the five-move circuit for a total of three times. Do your best to minimize breaks between each move.

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