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Best CrossFit Exercises For Beginners

These Are the 6 Best CrossFit Exercises For Beginners, According to CrossFit Coaches

Best CrossFit Exercises For Beginners
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CrossFit, a high-intensity style of training that mixes gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, rowing, and running together, has become one of the most popular workouts over the years. As popular as it is, couch to CrossFit probably isn't the best idea due to how complex the workouts are.

To get you more familiar with the movements you'll see in WODs (workout of the day), POPSUGAR tapped four CrossFit coaches to find out the exercises every CrossFit beginner should know. The ahead moves are strengthening, they'll help you build muscle, and they'll also give you a confidence boost when you hit the box (what the gyms in CrossFit are called). This is not a CrossFit workout, so don't do all of these moves at once. Instead, begin to implement these exercises into your workouts and begin to progress them as you become more comfortable with the movements.

If you're a CrossFit rookie, these are the six exercises coaches want you to learn.

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