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Best Exercises For Women's Quads

These Are the 11 Thigh-Sculpting Exercises Every Woman Needs to Do For Stronger Legs

Best Exercises For Women's Quads
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Think about everything you use your leg muscles for: walking, sitting, lifting weights, and running are just a few examples. To ensure that you can do these everyday movements without pain, you've got to strengthen your legs along with other muscles like your core for support, stability, speed, and power. One of the main muscle groups in your legs that you'll want to be strong is your quadriceps, which is the group of muscles at the front of your thighs.

Strong quads are important, but you'll also need to balance out quad-strengthening exercises with exercises that work your posterior chain, which are the muscles on the back of your body like your glutes, hamstrings, and calves, to ensure that you have muscle symmetry and balance.

Ahead, you'll find a few of the best exercises you can do to strengthen your quads. Friendly reminder: you shouldn't do all of these exercises as one workout. You'll feel a soreness like never before if you do. Instead, choose three exercises from the list. For example: barbell back squats, lunges, and TRX pistol squats, and program them into a workout with at least three upper-body pull exercises such as pull-ups and single-arm rows. Get ready to sculpt and strengthen your thighs with the 11 moves ahead.

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