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Best Grains For Weight Loss

4 Dietitians Say These Are the 7 Best Grains For Weight Loss (Carbs For the Win!)

Best Grains For Weight Loss

With low-carb and keto diets becoming so popular for weight loss, many people are worried about eating whole grains for fear of gaining weight. But whole grains can actually help you lose weight.

Registered dietitian nutritionist and NASM-certified trainer Whitney English (@whitneyerd on Instagram), MS, recommends her clients eat whole grains because "studies have shown that diets rich in whole grains help support weight loss and reduce inflammation," she told POPSUGAR. "They provide a hefty dose of plant protein and fiber, which aids in satiety and helps balance blood sugar levels so you stay fuller longer!"

The fiber in whole grains helps us feel more satisfied in between meals, which helps us snack less and consume fewer calories. Registered dietitian nutritionist Georgia Rounder, CDN, added that eating enough fiber promotes a healthy digestive system. The protein in whole grains is also "a key nutrient for building muscle in the body," she said. Building more muscle can promote weight loss, with muscle tissue burning more total calories than fat tissue, she said.

Aside from offering fiber and protein, whole grains, as opposed to refined grains such as enriched flour, are also higher in minerals, B vitamins, and iron when consumed in their whole, unprocessed form. So aim to include a variety of whole grains in your diet, especially the following eight.

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