3 Lunge Variations Perfect For Toned Legs and a Perky Butt!

25/06/2018 - 10:51 AM

When people say the word lunge at the gym, it's usually met with groans. It may not be your favorite exercise, but if there's one move that can really jump-start your weight loss efforts and target your legs and butt, it's the lunge. But before you start just lunging around all over the place, there are some variations to this great move that you'll want to try for faster results.

Curtsy Lunge

Don't you just love it when a muscle-crunching move like a lunge is given a cute name like curtsy? Of course! You can try to smile as you grit your teeth through these reps, but it's better that you just focus on the form to ensure you get the best results. According to Kendall Wood, CSCS and co-author of Core Fitness Solution, "You'll get a lot more out of this move if you do it slowly and make sure of precise body alignment — your thighs should cross and your knees should bend, but don't lean forward so that your knee isn't in line with your ankle."

How to Do It:

Reverse Lunge With a Twist

This one almost sounds like a cocktail, doesn't it? One look at this move and it doesn't seem that difficult and you'd be right. It's not the hardest move, but if done correctly, it can be a move that'll help you reshape your lower body in less time than you'd think. "It works your legs like any lunge, but it also targets your core," Wood told us.
How to Do It:

Glider Side Lunge

Who wouldn't want to look graceful when they're in the gym training? Unfortunately, this move won't make you look like you can glide like a princess or an athlete while you're doing it, but it will definitely be the building block to honing your best body ever, specifically your inner thighs!

How to Do It:

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