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Best Yoga Exercises For Weightlifters

Calling All Weightlifters: This Yoga Flow Will Loosen and Relax Your Tight Muscles

Best Yoga Exercises For Weightlifters
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After you've dominated your workout, you should take some time to cool your body down with practices like stretching and foam rolling. If that's a rarity for you, you're probably reading this with extremely tight shoulders and hamstrings. To perform at a high level and reach your goals, you've got to do more than just lift heavy; you've got to allow your body to rest and recover.

To help keep your body in tip-top shape, POPSUGAR enlisted Kajuan Douglas, founder of Merge New York, certified yoga instructor for a flow that will help ease your tight muscles.

The Weightlifter's Flow

  • Down dog: three breaths
  • Open lunge twist: five breaths
  • Plank: one breath
  • Cobra: five breaths
  • Down dog: one breath
  • Reverse warrior: eight breaths
  • Down dog: one breath
  • Upward dog down dog flow: three times
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