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Best Yoga Poses For After a Long Run

After 10-Mile Runs, These Are the Yoga Poses That Unknot My Hips, Back, and Hamstrings

Best Yoga Poses For After a Long Run
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As much as I love my long, 10-mile runs, they put my body through the ringer. Yoga — and especially this 17-move sequence — has become my absolute savior for releasing and rejuvenating all the muscles that tighten up on long runs: hips, hamstrings, back, and calves. Even on my rushed weekday morning runs when I have approximately 20 minutes to stretch, shower, and get out the door, I fit in a couple of these moves to ensure that my hips aren't aching all day. I also like to foam roll my quads, IT band, and calves.

Yoga Sequence For After a Long Run

Directions: I do each of these poses in a sequence, but you're also free to pick and choose based on whatever muscles feel tightest. Hold each pose for as long as it feels good; I usually go for 20-30 seconds or more.

You'll do all the lower-body poses with one leg. Once you hit Seated Spinal Twist, go back into Downward-Facing Dog and repeat it all with the other leg before moving on. (I'll tell you exactly when to go back and repeat.)

Breathe into areas of tension, move gently from pose to pose, and remember to modify or skip any stretches that don't feel good. You should leave this yoga sequence feeling loose, relaxed, and renewed.

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