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Cardio Butt Workout

Burn Fat and Grow Your Booty With This 14-Minute Cardio Butt Workout

Cardio Butt Workout

Your butt is about to get all kinds of sore from this workout. OK, your legs too. And while we're at it, your arms and core can get in on the action, too. This workout is fast-paced and quick but effective. You'll feel the burn after just the first 30 seconds!

The Workout

Equipment needed: pair of medium-weight dumbbells and a bench or stair

Round 1: repeat three times
30 seconds jump squats (or squats)
30 seconds alternating forward lunges with bicep curls
30 seconds goblet squats
15 seconds rest

Round 2: repeat three times
30 seconds gate swings with cross
30 seconds dumbbell thrusters
30 seconds dumbbell swing
15 seconds rest

Round 3: repeat three times
30 seconds lunge jumps
30 seconds dumbbell step-ups
30 seconds side lunge with curtsy squat
15 seconds rest

Round 4: repeat three times
30 seconds plank jacks
30 seconds deadlifts
30 seconds dumbbell sumo squat
15 seconds rest

If you need directions for each move, keep reading.

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