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Are Cold Showers Good For You?

I Took a Cold Shower Every Day For a Week, and This Is Why It Was a Game Changer

When one of my friends, who is a fellow trainer, told me he has been taking cold showers every day for two years, I thought he had completely lost his mind. But he told me that cold showers have helped him recover faster from workouts and have more energy in the mornings. I'm always up to try just about anything, so I figured I'd give this a shot and see how it went.

I committed to taking one cold shower every day for one week. That didn't mean I had to jump straight into cold water. If I needed to wash my hair first with warm water, I would do that, but then I would gradually make the water cooler until it was pretty cold. Then I would inch my way underneath the running water, lather myself up with soap, and rinse it all off. There were a few yelps here and there, but I made it through the whole week. This is how all that borderline torture affected my body.

I Had Way More Energy Throughout the Day

When cold water hits your body, your heart rate immediately elevates. This automatically causes a rush of blood to course through you — and it's like a strong shot of caffeine. I couldn't help but feel more energetic and vibrant as I was leaving the gym every morning. It felt better than any cup of coffee or green tea every could, and the best part was, there were no side effects or afternoon crash to deal with later on.

My Skin Looked Radiant

I had heard before that cool water is good for your skin because it tightens your pores and prevents excess dirt from entering. It also prevents your skin from overproducing oil, which is a big issue for me. I noticed my skin was a little less greasy every day, and it just looked like I had healthier skin overall. Maybe it was the placebo effect — and if it was, so be it! I loved how my makeup was looking every day.

I Was in a Better Mood

There's something euphoric about surviving through a cold shower. I felt invincible at the start of every morning, as if I had already accomplished something pretty awesome before the day even really got started. That's definitely something I could live with every single day.

I Didn't Feel Like I Recovered From My Workouts Any Faster

I didn't notice any difference when it came to recovery, to be honest. This may have been because I didn't spend that much time in cold water every day. Ice baths are apparently a better way to find faster recovery. I'm not completely opposed to trying an ice bath, but I don't have a bathtub at home, so I can't really test this out.

Even though it wasn't a magical cure to my muscle soreness, I still enjoyed all the cold showers, and I will probably keep them up once or twice a week or whenever I need a jolt of energy.

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