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Common Sleep Myths

Can't Sleep? You Could Be Making These 2 Common Mistakes, According to an Expert

Common Sleep Myths
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Sleep is a pretty sweet deal: I mean, who doesn't want to slip under the covers after a long day and get some shut-eye that will greatly benefit your body and brain function? It's shown that sleep helps balance our hormones, aids with memory, and even plays a part in muscle recovery. Sleep is, well, important — but there are a large number of myths that people are stuck on, and we're here to debunk a few.

Rebecca Robbins, PhD, sleep researcher at NYU Langone Health, recently participated in a paper along with other experts to identify false beliefs about sleep. It was published this past February in the Journal of the National Sleep Foundation and includes 20 misconceptions about slumber the public is exposed to, along with ratings on how "false" these myths are and reasons why, according to evidence, they're exactly that: myths. "We wrote this paper because a lot of these myths continue despite evidence to the contrary in many cases," Dr. Robbins told POPSUGAR. Check out two of the top myths Dr. Robbins discussed with us — you'll be surprised at what you find out!

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