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CrossFit Bodyweight Ab Exercises

These Are the 6 CrossFit Bodyweight Moves That Always Toast My Core

CrossFit Bodyweight Ab Exercises
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My son likes to make up jokes, and recently he came at me with, "Where do pencils like to live? In Pennsylvania! Get it? Pencil-vania?" He was cracking up, and although the joke was as funny as a 6-year-old's made-up joke can be, just his giggles made me laugh, until I had to grab my stomach, realizing my abs were so unbelievably sore. I recalled yesterday morning's CrossFit workout, and these are the six bodyweight ab moves we did.

These six bodyweight moves we've been doing regularly in my CrossFit classes always wreck me. Without fail, my abs will be sore for days afterward, which I love, but not for the definition I've been getting in my belly. I love them because I've noticed that doing them regularly has also strengthened my core, making other CrossFit exercises like toes to bar, box jumps, and pull-ups easier. Keep reading to see how to do each move.

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