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Stop What You're Doing! This Is the Inspirational Video All Women Need to See

Let the Beauty Speak

If you ask 100 people to define beauty, you'll get 100 different answers.

Posted by The CrossFit Games on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

"Ask 100 people to define beauty and you'll get 100 definitions. Ask 100 people at the CrossFit Games to define beauty, and they answer with a gesture." Beauty is not at all about what you see when you look in a mirror or what magazines tell you you should look like. Beauty is about strength, perseverance, passion, and confidence, and the joy and pride that comes from it. Screw aspiring to be thin, and pretty, and flawless. Nothing will make you feel more beautiful and more alive than facing your fears, making lofty, almost unrealistic goals, and then slapping them in the face.

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